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Miles Crawley SC

William Forster Chambers

Level 1
26 Harry Chan Avenue

GPO Box 4369

Tel: 08 8982 4700
Fax: 08 8941 1541

Practice Details

Admitted to the Supreme Court:
Signed the Bar Roll:

Miles Crawley SC

Miles Crawley is a barrister at William Forster Chambers in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Year and Place of First Admission

1979, South Australia

2017, appointed senior counsel

Other jurisdictions

1979, High Court

2012, signed bar roll, Supreme Court of NT


  • 1978, LLB, University of Adelaide
  • 1979, GDLP, University of South Australia
  • 1979, Admitted, Supreme Court of SA, High Court of Australia
  • 1979-2009, Member, Law Society of SA
  • 1997-2009, Chair. Law Society of SA Costs Committee
  • 2001-2010, Visiting Instructor, GDLP Course (SA)
  • 2008-9, Member, Joint Rules Advisory Committee (SA)
  • 2010 to date, Member, Law Society NT
  • 2012, Signed bar roll, Supreme Court of NT
  • 2015 to date, Chair, Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (NT Branch)
  • 2017, Instructor, Practical Advocacy Workshop, NTSC
  • 2017, Senior Counsel, NTSC
  • 2017 to date, President, NT Bar Association
  • 2017 to date, Director, Australian Bar Association
  • 2017 to date, Member, Law Council of Australia

General Experience

Magistrates Court (SA & NT), District Court (SA), Supreme Courts (SA & NT); Full Supreme Court (SA); Work Health Court (NT); Workers Compensation Tribunal (SA); Federal Court; Industrial Relations Court and Commission (SA); Fair Work Australia

Career Achievements/Highlights

Coopers Brewery Limited – coordinating the litigation involved in defending the attempted hostile takeover by Lion Nathan

GM Holden Ltd, Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd – advising and representing on a range of workers compensation, industrial relations and OHS matters; assisting in managing their redundancy processes

Gerard Industries Pty Ltd – litigation defence of a major taxation enforcement dispute

Constellation Wines Australia – conducting a damages claim arising from smoke taint contamination of grapes

Bridgestone Australia Limited – defending OHS breach prosecutions


Member, Law Society NT 2010-Present

Secretary, Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (NT Branch) 2011-Present

Member, Joint Rules Advisory Committee (SA) 2008-2009

Chair. Law Society of SA Costs Committee 1997-2009

Visiting Instructor, GDLP Course (SA) 2001-2009

He is the current President of the NT Bar Association.

Areas of Practice
  • Common Law/Personal Injury
  • Appellate (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Dust Diseases (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Insurance - disability claims (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Intentional Torts (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Judicial Review - motor accident (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Judicial Review - workers compensation (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Motor Vehicles (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Negligence (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Professional Negligence (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Work Injury Damages (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Workers Compensation (Common Law/Personal Injury)
  • Commercial
  • Appellate (Commercial)
  • Banking (Commercial)
  • Bankruptcy (Commercial)
  • Building and Construction (Commercial)
  • Competition (Commercial)
  • Consumer Protection Law (Commercial)
  • Contractual Disputes (Commercial)
  • Corporate Insolvency (Commercial)
  • Corporations Law (Commercial)
  • Insurance (Commercial)
  • Partnership Disputes (Commercial)
  • Professional Liability (Commercial)
  • Real Property (Commercial)
  • Restraint of Trade (Commercial)
  • Public/Administrative
  • Appellate (Public/Administrative)
  • Civil and Human Rights (Public/Administrative)
  • Disciplinary Proceedings (Public/Administrative)
  • Discrimination (Public/Administrative)
  • Judicial Review and administrative law (Public/Administrative)
  • Merits Review (Public/Administrative)
  • Privacy/Freedom of Information (Public/Administrative)
  • Appellate
  • Civil Appeals (Appellate)
  • Equity
  • Appellate (Equity)
  • Family Provision (Equity)
  • Real Property (Equity)
  • Trusts (Equity)
  • Wills and Probate (Equity)
  • Industrial/Employment
  • Appellate (Industrial/Employment)
  • Discrimination (Industrial/Employment)
  • Employment Contracts and Restraint of Trade (Industrial/Employment)
  • Industrial Disputes and statutory employment rights (Industrial/Employment)
  • Public Sector Appeals (Industrial/Employment)
  • Work Health and Safety (Industrial/Employment)
  • Environment and Planning
  • Appellate (Environment and Planning)
  • Civil enforcement (Environment and Planning)
  • Compulsory acquisition of land compensation (Environment and Planning)
  • Environmental and Planning Offences (Environment and Planning)
  • Local Government (Environment and Planning)
  • Merit Appeals (Environment and Planning)
  • Mining (Environment and Planning)
  • Valuation of land - rating and tax appeals (Environment and Planning)
  • Inquests/Inquiries
  • Commisssions and other inquiries (Inquests/Inquiries)
  • Coronial Inquests (Inquests/Inquiries)
  • Defamation
  • Appellate (Defamation)